furious epic seven wyvern 13

I think having both TG and Furious is a little redundant since you want a variety of debuffs.

SSB and TG (+10 speed more than SSB) still needs to be kinda fast so they can clear Stage 1 without Sigret having to use her S2. Command. I think a good place to have A.Momo if she's your tank is 150-180% eff resist and 150+ speed.

Anyone in this tier is well worth considering when building a Wyvern team, with many being essential for certain compositions.

You'd have to speed tune a bit to get her to start with her S2 on wyvern. Stats Overview Skills. Your team is too slow. GPurg, Alexa, Sigret, Tarannor Guard works, - with 50-60% success. Look up guides and vids, and build whichever seems most possible for your account.

Still fairly new to the game and I'm having trouble auto battling wyvern 9. I've hit a wall being stuck auto Wyvern 12 for a while now, and I've been wondering how you guys have overcome that. A man of principle, Furious believes that a leader should serve the community, not individuals. Skills. save hide report. The Heroes are ranked based on reliable clears of floor 11 when auto-battling Hunts (some notable manual exceptions may apply).

Furious should be fastest by a good bit and then other teammates follow. If you want to stick with TG when I'd at least slap a DDJ on him. I have a similar team, except I have a Chloe instead of a misty. #2.

Only water units I have are A. Montmo(6), Taranor Guard(5), Alexa(5), Furious(5), Krau(5) and Karin(4). W10 is harder than 11 cuz of the random attacks.

Batisse or Mistychain in wyvern 13. Short answer? You can run up to wyvern 13 auto with Alexa furious tg and a momo, I think your issue is amomo not tanking enough because she needs to be the tank for the wyvern so she needs more hp and defense I believe, furious defense breaks and crit buffs, Alexa and tg deal damage, Try ur best to have them on 65% effectiveness Skill up their skills, finish momo’s tree, in all honesty u really don’t need to 6 star any one other than momo cuz they can do their job lv 50.

what was wrong with her AI? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. But you REALLY want SoS), Taranor Guard with new artifact or DDJ (more chances for DEF break vs. DPS) , Alexa with DDJ (DPS vs. safety), and Crozet for tank. Sigret hasn't had a banner in how long now? Probably Furious w/ Song of Stars (infinity basket as a budget option, or just another DDJ.

My team works around 70% of the time, as the debuffs are inconsistent without SoS. Alexa (220 speed, 230 crit damage, 65 eff., 2k attack with +30 ddj, which I could take off for torn sleeves if I get it during collab event), Misty (200 speed, 230 crit damage, 65 eff with +30 ddj). Tier 1: Heroes with excellent innate strength in their kit (debuffs, skills/utility, modifiers) that allow them to most easily clear Wyvern 11. What? But you REALLY want SoS), Taranor Guard with new artifact or DDJ (more chances for DEF break vs. DPS) , Alexa with DDJ (DPS vs. safety), and Crozet for tank. Alexa with around the same stats as yours, except 200 speed. Team Building. With the current free unequip event, and the upcoming buff event, now is the best time to get on farming Wyvern 13! Do you think it can work? I know he affects CR in a negative way, just not sure about the numbers.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. So she's not that reliable as a def breaker (with her EE) and it also cuts her potential damage on auto. This team have been working really well for me. 35% crit each and almost no speed requirement means you can just go to town on damage gear. And recent improvements made it even better (SS Bellona now being slower than two minions made her save the s2 for the boss): https://youtu.be/6scD0ycyjXI. 24. Furious you want to bring his speed up to keep team crit buff and wyvern def down at all times. All debuffers need 65% effectiveness. 182. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Probably Furious w/ Song of Stars (infinity basket as a budget option, or just another DDJ. I would not suggest him if you're trying clear before shield phase and would not suggest making him fast if your main use of him is for his atk down, he only needs to get 1 turn in every other wyvern turn. On Wyvern 9/10, you will need to apply 2 debuffs to make his fire breath attack once. If possible try to push through Wyvern 10 and make it to 11. #1. Thanks in advance! 30+ SoS Furious, Def Break EE Junyard Chloe, DDJ Sigret, G Purg.

Assuming G Purrgis can survive all the time, it shouldn't take a lot of time to kill it before the shield phase.

STORY STATS. Team Building. Testing it, wyvern is at about 94% CR on both turns my Batisse gets before shield phase, meaning that +20% CR boost has no detriments until shield phase, unless you have a unit in-between that 94~100% CR spot, none of mines are. share. Probably any 2/3 of Karin/Chloe/Sigret on DDJ and rage set, SSB for debuffs (Song of stars for consistency, but you can try triple DDJ f you are super confident) and sub DPS, and G Purrgis roided up to like 27KHP and 1600 DEF. From my initial testing, it seems that sepulcrum is actually better than PoV on a slow g.purrgis, you may want to look into that, They're about the same in math, depending on speed it seems, I'll definitely add it, thanks! I still have yet to fully max out Sigret or SSB. Sigret with DDJ and high effectiveness and speed, as main debuffer. Speed tune your team, bump them all up to like 180 speed if you can with speed gear and boots it should be doable. I should clarify that! She always triggered Guillotine for me as long as there's at least one debuff.

If it matters, I'm using Batisse, Furious, Sigret and Angelica.

I would suggest having furious go first for the defense break, resulting in more Dps.

I'm not sure if it helps but I'm using a 125 speed Batisse and he gets his turn in right before wyvern's 2nd turn (wyvern always goes first before any of my units). aka Epic7 - Korean mobile RPG developed by Super Creative, and published by Smilegate Megaport for Android and ios, Press J to jump to the feed. Amomo should be on speed boots if you can find some decent ER+HP% boots that would be good and finish +15ing the health set it will help a ton. Charm.

With good gear, this team can clear before shield phase. Wyvern 13 Auto Help. DPS all have long arguments for/against them, so idk what's truly optimal.

Alexa in particular is incredibly slow. The other option is to run a tanky team. I’m happy to be playing the W13 game at least, but this isn’t the best team. The kind of stuff I like to see here! There are so many variations but now that people have experimented for some time, what do you guys think is the ultimate wyvern 13 team? G Purg, SSB, TG, and Sigret. Mistychain. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Assuming god level gear and all heroes? Fails only if Sigret used her S2 on stage 1 and at the same time TG missing his def break, burn, SSB S2 Def Break and Target. Nice work, pretty detailed too.

33.4%. 545 votes.

I wanna make sure before I finish max all gear and so on.

Edit: Added link with current gear https://imgur.com/a/rRIH52q Krau and Karin are still new so they're not geared yet. By Wyvern 13 you want his speed 200+. He has ddj equipped. With my average gear, similar to what a f2p player can get with average luck and grinding, I clear W13 on auto with around 98% success rate, dealing more than 40k damage with Alexa's S1 (def break), and 50k with Sigret's S3 with def break and plenty of debuffs.

I feel as though in my case, even with 85 speed gear, i'm forced to choose either damage or speed. Out of curiosity, how do people build their Healer tanks? I hope they rerun her after GG. Angelica tank with Idols Cheer. Artifact is DDJ or Sira-ren for more debuffs. Politics. #4. Say it isn't so! With the current free unequip event, and the upcoming buff event, now is the best time to get on farming Wyvern 13! The rest of my team is Angelica, DPS Karin, Fourious with SoS. My furious is built with barely any damage, but has 216 speed (I need better gear).


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