flattery will get you everywhere with me
Opinion by Deborah Parker and Mark Parker. (Shakespeare, As You Like It, I, ii). This expression alludes to the manual-labor trades such as masonry and painting where one might add more and more mortar, paint, etc., in an attempt to produce a superior product when, in actuality, a small amount would be just as, if not more, effective. Previous: View Gallery Random Image: This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. Say pretty words to me and I'll do anything you say In this expression, flannel, a smooth, soft fabric, refers to a person’s manner of speech: it may be smooth and soft like flannel, or it may be mumbled and confusing, as though the speaker had a mouthful of flannel. For example, Aristophanes (388 B.C. Definition of FLATTERY WILL GET YOU ANYWHERE / EVERYWHERE (phrase): said humorously when someone is flattering you Flattery is another word for compliments given to someone. Tatiana: Flattery will get you nowhere with her. In this example, two friends are discussing the romantic problems that one of them is dealing with. In use since the early 18th century, the verb and corresponding noun are thought to derive from soft soap, the semiliquid soap whose oiliness might well be linked with unctuous-ness. We mere minions must be extra subtle when flattering the boss. The act or practice of flattering. Get started. flattery will get you everywhere/nowhere meaning, definition, what is flattery will get you everywhere/nowhere: used humorously when someone has praised...: Learn more. Copyright: Writer(s): Elizabeth Anderson Lyrics Terms of Use, I noticed how you smiled just now surprised at having seen So brag me up and make me smile and I'll do things your way Say pretty words to me and I'll do anything you say Don't worry if they're true or not, the truth is I don't care And as for me flattery will get you everywhere. As a result of such excessiveness, the final product is often messy and of questionable value. This week, Sheffield third-year James Ashford accepts a coffee from his editor and calls it a date, the creep. Don't worry if they're true or not, the truth is I don't care Open in app. Updated 8:12 AM ET, Wed October 23, 2019 . blarney Flattery, soft soap, cajolery. The expression comes from the Blarney Stone located high in the wall of Blarney Castle near Cork, Ireland. The current cliché appears in Ellery Queen’s A Fine and Private Place (1971; cited by Partridge), “‘Flattery will get you nowhere, Queen,’ the murderer said.” It is sometimes used ironically, in response to an insulting remark, and there is also a humorous variation, flattery will get you everywhere (a retort to a … 'g' This obsolete proverbial expression dates from 1583. flannelmouth A smooth talker; a silver-tongued devil; a flatterer or braggart; a person who talks incessantly and says nothing; one who mumbles or speaks with a thick accent. It is unclear which one came first. There are no comments currently available. There are no comments currently available.


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