fischer lovebirds

The most common to be kept as pets are the Fischer's lovebird, black-masked lovebird, and peach-faced lovebird. This fisher lovebird is just about 5 months old, sex is unknown, not hand tame but still young and easy to work with.

All rights reserved. Provided with adequate space, a stimulating environment, and appropriate nutrition, a Fischer's Lovebird can become a cherished companion parrot. Lovebirds are curious, energetic and charming birds originating from Africa.

They also serve as an important food source for predatory birds such as lanner falcons.

Keeping a Lovebird socialized requires a serious commitment to daily interaction. It is highly recommended to keep Lovebirds in pairs. The Oakland Zoo is a conservation partner to Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue, a good organization to adopt from. Some great foods for lovebirds are Nutri-Berries and Avi-Cakes. They are sometimes considered pests to farmers. “Agapornis fischeri (Fischer's lovebird).” Animal Diversity Web, Like most parrots, Fischer’s lovebirds have zygodactyl feet, which help them to grip onto branches. However, many are still bred in captivity and are common throughout the pet trade. Lovebirds that are cooped up in a small cage and never given any freedom tend to become neurotic and can develop self-mutilating habits. The Fischer’s lovebird is named for the strong bonds formed between mating pairs. It is, like all other species of its kind, extremely protective of their mate, and has been known to be monogamous for a lifetime. Parrots are long-lived birds, and may outlive many humans. Of all the lovebird species, the Fischer's Lovebird is the most striking if not one of the most beautiful parrots available on the market. The neck of these birds is a very beautiful golden in color. 3-8 eggs, fledge after 5 weeks, colored similarly to adults but their plumage is less vibrant. They are also frequently found in agricultural areas. Green backs. Fischer's lovebirds eat a wide variety of foods, including seeds and fruit. This is a hand fed baby. They have a red beak and an orange and red face, with an olive color on the rest of the head. Some breeders consider masked lovebirds more aggressive than the two other more common breeds. Accessed 29 Sept. 2017. Currently listed as Near Threatened by IUCN. Fischer's lovebirds play a big role in seed dispersal by eating fruits and seeds. The Fischer's Lovebird is a bit smaller than the other lovebird species, only getting up to about 5 3/4"(14.5 cm) in length. Lovebird agapornis spp.

In 1987, Fischer’s lovebirds were the most commonly traded wild bird in the world. Fischer’s lovebirds: Also known as eye-ring lovebirds, as they have a white ring around their eyes. If you have a tame pet that is kept in a small cage, it needs to be let out for extended periods to fly about.

Fortunately, this practice has largely been halted and it is hoped that the “feral” populations will rebound. Dry woodland, scrubland, and savanna, 1100-2000 feet in elevation. Small but fiery, the Fischer’s Lovebird forms an intense lifelong bond with one special person or parrot.

These lovebirds are reported to live between 12 and 15 or more years. Like most birds, lovebirds love to exercise, and require the largest cage that your budget and space can afford. Mask (Personata) Lovebirds. Are more placid than mask lovebirds.

Accessed 29 Sept. 2017. Fischer’s Lovebirds are instantly recognizable by their orange and green plumage, and white rings around their eyes.

The Agapornis fischeri is a species of parrot that is named after Gustav Fischer, an explorer from Germany.

Box 5238 Oakland, CA 94605Visit: 9777 Golf Links Road Oakland, CA 94605. Physical Characteristics . They will also live in areas with crops and agriculture.

These birds have 2 breeding seasons, with the first taking place in January through April and the second occurring in June through July. They sometimes are pests to farmers, as they eat their crops such as maize and millet. The bib’s base color is yellow and gradually blends with bright hues of … Fischer’s lovebirds are heavy drinkers, and must live near a source of water. Like most parrots, Fischer’s lovebirds have zygodactyl feet, which help them to grip onto branches. The Fischer’s Lovebird is one of the smallest pet parrot breeds, standing at 5–7 inches tall. Their wings, chest, and back are green in color. These birds mate for life and are monogamous. Fischer’s lovebirds experienced a rapid population decline in their restricted range due to trapping for export. Fischer's lovebirds, like other lovebirds in the genus Agapornis, mate for life. If you are determined in getting a parrot, please consider getting a rescued parrot as opposed to a young/baby parrot to avoid the risk of getting a parrot that was smuggled from the wild (a very traumatic experience for birds) and supporting the illegal pet trade. Mail: P.O. They have bright green plumage around the breast area and a yellow bib around the neck. Accessed 29 Sept. 2017. “Fischer's lovebird videos, photos and facts.” Arkive, Care and feeding: A roomy cage is required as lovebirds are very active. Loads of personality, but can be slightly more aggressive than fischers. Fischers Lovebird . They require lots of stimulation, enrichment, and attention. These birds are very colorful. Fly Babies Aviary, FL We Ship. Lovebirds are aptly named for the strong, monogamous bond they form with their mate. If you are interested in having a parrot as a pet, do extensive research before deciding. Juveniles also have a brown markings around their mandible, which fades as they mature. Their beautiful appearance explains why they have been so popular in the pet trade.

Click here . © 2020 Oakland Zoo. The term lovebird arose from the strong bonds that mates make with one another. Fischer’s lovebirds are very small in size with measurements around 6 inches height. Lovebirds show each other affection and are known for biting, or nipping, each other’s beaks — a behavior that makes them look as though they are kissing, which is where the common name “lovebird” arose. Fischer's Lovebird . The back and chest of these lovebirds are bright green in color. The tail’s upper surface has some blue or purple feathers. “Agapornis fischeri .” The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, Includes Eye Ring, Fischer’s, Black Masked and Peachface Lovebirds.

Ecology Habitat. Dry woodland, scrubland, and savanna, 1100-2000 feet in elevation. Beautiful white eye-ringed lovebirds come in a range of colours. They typically use straw, grass, and tree bark to construct their nests. Flocks range in size from 10-20, to hundreds when gathered around a food source. Fischer’s Lovebird One of the most easily available of the lovebird species, the Fischer’s lovebird has been revered as a pet ever since it was bred in the US for the first time in 1926. Their population has decreased drastically since the 1970's due to the pet trade. Fischer’s lovebirds get their name from the strong, lifelong bond they share with their mate. Males feed their mates while the female incubates the eggs, and both parents feed the hatchlings. If separated, the physical health of both birds will suffer. The Fischer’s lovebird is endemic to north-central Tanzania, where they inhabit grasslands, woodlands, savannas, and scrub forests. In 1995, trapping these birds became illegal due to the drastic decline in their wild population. Both come in different flavors, and both offer lovebirds pre… The eggs are white, and typically number three to eight in a clutch.

Blazek, Leah. They have a yellow neck, green chest and back, with blue or purple feathers highlighting the tail, and white rings around their eyes. Breeding. Fischer’s Lovebirds (Agapornis fischeri), fall into a group known as the eye-ring lovebirds, attributed to the white ring around their eyes. Fischer (Fischeri) Lovebirds. Masked lovebirds: This breed has eye-rings, a black mask, an orange beak, yellow chest feathers, and green wings. seeds, grains, fruits, nuts. All lovebirds belong to the genus Agapornis and the order Psittaciformes, making them small parrots.In total, there are nine species of lovebirds. They are smaller than the peach face and masked lovebirds, and have a distinct, high-pitched chirp. Fischer’s lovebirds get their name from the strong, lifelong bond they share with their mate. White eye ringed and in full colour mutations, have black hoods. The green color of these birds is similar to all other parrots. Fischer’s lovebirds are cavity nesters, meaning they take advantage of cavities in trees, rocks, or buildings to build their nests. Fischer's lovebirds show no sexual dimorphism; therefore, it is impossible to tell whether an individual is male or female through plumage alone. There is a rehoming fee of $125.00… Fischer’s lovebirds can be distinguished by their bright, rainbow colored plumage. $329 hand fed – For a little more get Linda training for kissing, snuggling and riding around on your shoulder.


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