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Okay, that’s not from Barry Lyndon. Stanley Kubrick adapting a Thackeray novel. I’m nonplussed that the brilliant and eccentric young director of 2001 and Dr. Strangelove and some Kirk Douglas movie spent the early 70s crafting a turgid period piece about the rise and fall of some random rapscallion. Lyndon is a beautiful film. But here’s the moment where I really understood what I’d just seen: So that’s what this was? The duel progresses in unexpected ways. In an interview Kubrick told Michel Ciment: “The setting was a tithe barn which also happened to have a lot of pigeons resting in the rafters. Now look at Barry Lyndon’s natural lighting. Weirdly authentic touches like this remind me of Peter Kominsky and Peter Straughan’s staggeringly good Wolf Hall, in which people eat with their fingers and wear weird little half cloaks and distractingly generous codpieces. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Like everyone else under 80, I’ve never seen Paths of Glory. Us Americans are sitting here fuming that we already knew that three goddamn hours ago. Perhaps, Barry was now fully assuming the role of an honorable gentleman. A contemporary director can’t linger on a shot purely for its visual impact. Barry Lyndon | The Final Duel [Scene Breakdown] In this video essay, Tyler analyzes the final duel scene in Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon, highlighting how the beautiful composition of a grieving Barry alludes to a painting by William Hogarth from his “Marriage A-la-Mode” series. A “ne’er-do-well”. You could say that the sequence actually starts in the previous scene where Bullingdon challenges Barry. It took 42 days to edit the final duel between Barry (Ryan O'Neal) and Lord Bullingdon (Leon Vitali). Aww, yeah. The trivia items below may give away important plot points. No, that’s killer klown from outer space make-up. Then it shifts into a society of people in clown make-up. I was just checking to see if you were still awake. The final duel scene starts with a close-up of a metal ball being loaded into a pistol because the last duel we saw turned out to be a hoax and there wasn’t a bullet in the gun. “The plan of the duel was all arranged in order to get you out of the way.”. How Kubrick Adapted ‘The Shining’ into a Cinematic Masterpiece | Screenwriting, How Kubrick Achieved the Beautiful Cinematography of Barry Lyndon, How Kubrick Adapted ‘The Shining’ into a Cinematic Masterpiece | Screenwriting. Compare, for example, the scene where Barry (Ryan O’Neal) seduces Lady Lyndon (Marisa Berenson) over their card play to the final duel between Barry and Lord Bullingdon (Leon Vitali). We’re 90 minutes into the movie and suddenly Barry Lyndon is one of the deftest swordsmen in all of Europe? Barry Lyndon came out in the 70s, so your protagonists didn’t have to be likeable. The feeling was that Bullingdon could not get himself to leave the duel without a result (stanleyandus). We’re just going to get some second unit footage of these two gay soldiers taking a bath together in the river, Englishly proclaiming their love to each other!” But nope, that weird little moment stays in the background and the movie tags along behind Ryan O’Neal. 2:18. Kubrick's previous film Lolita starred James Mason, who played Dr. Watson in Murder by Decree. TTD (time to decolletage): two minutes and 20 seconds! Steven Spielberg met Stanley Kubrick while preparing to film Raiders of the Lost Ark, which featured yet another Watson, John Rhys-Davies. Previous Post In Barry Lyndon everything is served up as dryly and as properly as possible even though some elements are insanely catty or brutal; as is the wont of its characters and era. The artist's name was Ludovico Cardi (a.k.a. The movie’s name is the main character’s name because it’s a movie about the life of a dude who gets named Barry Lyndon after about two hours. Learn how your comment data is processed. A lens built by the Carl Zeiss Company for N.A.S.A., a 50mm Zeiss lens modified with the Kollmorgen adaptor used in still cameras, was used to shoot scenes lit only by candle. And I’d never experienced that before.”. Barry chooses the latter and fires his pistol into the ground. Two other cast members have appeared in films about Holmes and Watson: Philip Stone appeared in The Seven Per Cent Solution, while Wolf Kahler appeared in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. A “blackguard”. So here’s Ryan O’Neal’s celebrity privilege, trying on various degrees of Irish accent the way a man might try on different hats. He’s standing uneasily in the 18th century, as American as Hollywood. It’s a dude with silly make-up and an eyepatch. This lens had the largest aperture of any ever built for movie use (f/0.7). Best Barry Lyndon scene. The winner of the very first Patreon review request drawing. It is not indicated which is the predominant hand of pre-teen Lord Bullingdon. A title card at the end says all you need to know about what you’ve just watched: It was in the reign of George III that the aforesaid personages lived and quarrelled; good or bad, handsome or ugly, rich or poor, they are all equal now. Barry Lyndon was shot in 1973. Despite having second billing in this movie, A myth grew that the Academy Award winning costumes used in this movie were genuine antique clothes, but this is only partly correct. Eventually, the movie leaves Barry’s Irish roots and his career as a soldier. “Now gentlemen, to determine who will have first fire, I will toss a coin in the air.”. Eyes Wide Shut is like that scene in The Shining where Shelley Duvall sees two furries having sex, but drawn out into a full movie starring movie stars instead of furries. Jan Harlan, who is the producer of this movie and the brother-on-law of Stanley Kubrick, is the nephew of Veit Harlan, a famous German director during the Nazi period. It is certainly thus a product of its times, not in the sense of being dated but because it was  produced when entertainment was seen as the give and take between an artist and an informed viewer. Several of the interior scenes were filmed in Powerscourt House, a famous eighteenth-century mansion in County Wicklow, Republic of Ireland. If the balance isn’t just right (as Kubrick managed in 2001) then form competes with the very different expectations of story-telling. The production suffered two major shutdowns, resulting in what was then considered a bloated $11 million budget. And not a three-hour movie in the sense that The Rock, Armageddon, and Transformers: Age of Extinction are three-hour movies because you rounded up. 7 Barry Lyndon (8.1) – The Final Duel. Those misdeeds are more prounounced for me than a bunch of dancing zombies in a music video or a comedic tale about Jeffrey crying on an airplane. And here is the theme of the film. Besides, I got to see a baby wearing this hat. An American movie star jammed into an English period piece. Culturally, taking turns displays an even more amplified absurdity of high society than we’ve had so far. The war itself is an interesting setting. Barry Lyndon, ladies and gentlemen. Despite the stunning visual effects and technical achievement, this movie was not the financial success for which Stanley Kubrick and Warner Brothers had been hoping. The narrator casually mentions Barry’s “great skill with the sword”. It is interesting that, while building tension, there is a surprise moment. He doesn’t have any of the intensity, presence, or unselfconscious cool of the actors in the 70s who changed the way actors act: Gene Hackman in The Conversation, Robert De Niro in Deer Hunter, Al Pacino in The Godfather, John Cazale in any of his five movies, Marlon Brando in Superman. The other battle scene is your usual pre-CG battle scene, in which you marvel at all the wrangling it took to dress, choreograph, and film all these extras. The scene leads up to a fight that can only be described as a “donnybrook”. A "Friedrich d'or" was a Prussian gold coin, made of 21-carat gold. I’m like, yep, this is the guy who Farrah Fawcett died with. Vitali plays the man in the red cloak (Archives). This character evolves over time from a brat to a coward to a deserter to not very good liar to a cheat to an abusive husband to a dickhead stepfather to a negligent parent to a drunk. Yes, those clowns. It helps that I really like those movies, and that opera. “I’m sorry Lord Bullingdon, but you must first stand your ground and allow mister Lyndon his turn to fire.”. You can make shooting at each other appear gentlemanly, but violence is violence. The Wicklow Mountains are visible, for example, through the window of the saloon during a scene set in Berlin. The 70s were a transition from the presentational theatrical acting of classic cinema to the naturalism we expect today. Although an important character in the first act, Chevalier's (Patrick Magee's) only appearance in the second act is at the beginning of it during Redmond (Ryan O'Neal) and Lady Honoria Lyndon's (Marisa Berenson's) wedding. The duel near the end of Barry Lyndon is ten seconds shy of 9 minutes from pistol loading to the final shot, and every second is required to appreciate the emotional journey of Bullingdon from wretched and weak lordling, pale and sickened by his own failure to a no less wretched figure exhilarated by a fleeting moment of triumph. Although I can appreciate it, Barry Lyndon wins the prize for my least favorite Kubrick movie, beating out Eyes Wide Shut because Eyes Wide Shut is 24 minutes shorter. I suppose Kubrick’s goal was some sort of authenticity, so fair enough. Wikipedia isn’t a thing yet. How Kubrick Achieved the Beautiful Cinematography of Barry Lyndon, Next Post To be fair, I’m not sure Brando could sell that moment. But wars in Europe, without Americans to resolve them, were premised on alliances and conquered territory and fiercely disputed borders, between nations with different languages but similar faces, fought against the people who lived just over that hill. Ten paces are then measured to the ground to be taken by Redmond Barry. But those aren’t the things I think about watching Rosemary’s Baby, Jeeper’s Creepers, or listening to the Ring Cycle. We’re mostly on our own. All horrible things. However, it is true that no electronic lighting was used for the candle-lit scenes. Don’t pretend you didn’t. Precisely because of its intelligence, beauty and stately pace, I enjoy isolated moments in the film more than ever. Even today Pauline Kael’s snide description of it as a “three hour slide-show for art history majors” seems to prejudice response. The house was destroyed in an accidental fire several months after filming (November 1974), so this movie serves as a record of the lost interiors, particularly the "saloon", which was used for more than one scene. Hostile reviews had suggested you needed dedication to sit through it, but I was transfixed. Even the film’s art historical references would be problematic today. By its nature, the duel promises something extreme will happen and Kubrick makes us wait for it.


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