famous album covers
Job done, then. With her cascading hair, sleeve tattoos and rockabilly makeup, even simply sitting in a chair appeared as an act of defiance, albeit with a hint of vulnerability, with her hands tucked between her legs. Another unintended after-effect: some stores found the naked children too controversial and refused to stock the record. Staged by British artist Peter Blake and his then-wife, Jann Haworth, the Sgt Pepper album cover depicted 58 different people, chosen by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Peter Blake, Jann Haworth and London art dealer Robert Fraser, presenting a fascinating cross-section of cultures, importance and each Beatle’s individual interests. Originally just a protective cover for the fragile crackly goods beneath, it soon evolved into a space for artistic expression in its own right, very often becoming as important as the music itself. After the album’s release, many pointed out its similarity to The Feelies’ cover for Crazy Rhythms, when in reality, Cuomo was aiming for the clear-cut boy band image of The Beach Boys.

The triumvirate of light beam, prism and spectrum apparently stood for three aspects of the band and their music: ambitious stage lighting, Dark Side’s lyrics and keyboardist Richard Wright’s request that Hipgnosis create something bold yet simple. List RulesVote for the albums based the cover art only. Everything Riggs has ever done has been incredible, but we've opted for Number of the Beast.

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Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, is another album that achieved greater fame thanks to it's cover. Here's your chance to vote for the best album covers of all time. A feast of fascinating facts about the classic Oasis record which turns 25. Artist: Joy Division Album:Unknown PleasuresDesigner: Joy Division, Peter Saville & Chris Mathan. Artist: Iron Maiden Title:Number of the BeastIllustrator: Derek Riggs.

Unbelievably cool.

It remains a fact of rock 'n' roll that there is nothing cooler than a) smashing your guitar, b) being able to afford to smash your guitar or best of all c) not being able to afford to smash your guitar but doing it anyway. Explore the Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Album Covers list by 2tec on Discogs. As a model, actress and songwriter, Grace Jones’ career is littered with iconic photo shoots, from downtown disco snaps to uptown magazine spreads and, of course, album covers. The album cover shows a huge yellow banana with the inscription: “Slowly take off your skin and watch”.

While art might be a matter of taste, lasting legacy is something that’s more easily measured.

Spinal Tap – Smell the Glove.

The photo, taken by Francis Wolff, certainly captures the sax legend in a pensive, thoughtful and, well, blue mood; basically looking like the super-cool legend he was.
Surely you’re taking the piss? As a result, Weezer not only had an iconic cover on their hands, but predicted the normcore movement. WTF IS THIS LIST?! Abbey Road. How is GNR appetite for destruction not on the list. Some Might Say this is Definitely Maybe the best Oasis songs list.

As befitting a band who were wilfully obtuse - see the nonsensical name, and song titles including Toys, Toys, Toys, Choke, Toys, Toys, Toys - this erotic and controversial cover only endeared them more to the small, but loyal fanbase they were beginning to cultivate. Is this artwork amazing? While most of The Roots’ previous covers just depicted the band, Things Fall Apart was a step towards social activism both in their music and imagery.

Part Mad Magazine-style fold-in and Where’s Waldo? So, so cool.


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