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Certain rooms in the house indicate a certain part of the psyche. She is currently a Jungian Analyst at the C.G. These… Read more ». Buying A House: If you are not on the market for buying a new home then these are symbolic dreams. The bed is an ancient dream symbol has a wide range of interpretations attached to it, primary connecting the dreamer to intimacy, relationships and security. privacy policy | © copyright 2007-2018 realmeaningofdreams.com. Who tends to have dreams about houses most frequently? What can I learn about myself from dreaming about houses? Just type!...Your dream will appear on a Web page exactly the way you enter it here. Dream of buying an old house. To receive credit as the author, enter your information below. Meaning Of a Dream About Haunted House. All rights reserved. The items in the closet are clues in what to investigate. The dream could also be a symbol of your good health especially if in the dream you are doing renovations in the old house or painting it for example. Common house fire dreams . This separates you from the next person, thought and emotions divided. These feelings have been pent up with no where to go, the flood your house (mind) needing to be drained. If you have entered into a crippled house in your dream, it can show that your emotional state is not so great right now. These are feelings, memories, and urges kept locked up so nobody can see. And then after that dream, I tend to have a dream about being in yet again, another house, in which there are a lot more people. To dream of your own property will yield an entirely different meaning than if you are dreaming of someone else's property. Most of these are me trying to find my way …, Extra Rooms I Can't Fill! If the house in your dream is very old, then the dream could also mean that you will need old connections with authoritative people. To dream of acreage or a farm, suggest's that hard work is required in order to buy material possessions. I often have had dreams in which I discover rooms in my house which I nver knew were there. The house in your dream could be your childhood home and have feelings connected to it that you need to revisit. Could this be associated with memories in the past? Cats In House: Cats connect the dreamer to the feminine side, this can be applied to both male and females. Like the saying ‘a window of opportunity’, brings glad tidings when it is open. House Crumbling: These dreams want you to look at your emotional state or family life. An area where you relax, entertain, interact socially with people friends and siblings. You could also have a house dream about a home you have never seen before. Not rated yetIn my dream, I was six years old, and in my house, except everything was reversed, as if I was looking through a mirror. I have had two kitchens, two living rooms, huge bathrooms and …, Alone In A Strange Home I have had 2 reoccuring dreams about 2 different house's. Both blood dreams and chase dreams often occur in a basement.. This is also an area that is below you, things that are considered lower or look down upon. A need to take a break, relax and unwind – a place of feelings. This is a place where you can let go of negativity in safety. The meaning of a dream about a house depends on the message the self is trying to relay, she explains. I am in a single story home. Depending how the cat appears it can alter the meaning. Perhaps the house you are dreaming about from your past was not a pleasant place for you and is somewhere you associate with pain. They can definitely represent the different aspects of our personality and life experiences. If one sees himself entering his house in a dream, it means that he will get married, or have sexual intercourse with his wife. As you enter the basement you leave your soul on the stairs above. If you find more and more rooms in a big house, you may need to be more conscious of pieces of yourself not yet discovered.". Dreams about houses therefore can represent the life that you are living, the protections that you create and the structure you present to other people. There are common dreams about a house fire and their meanings. I'm searching for a mother crocodile because she is laying loads of …, The reverse door. A time for inner reflection as you might be by a mirror looking at yourself. Bridging your outside world with your inner world helps determine your dreams motive. These are behaviors, memories and unsettled past experiences that are not settled. Anyone can dream about a house. Did you like what you see? You are seeking security, or the safety of childhood when there was little responsibility. Closed door are symbols of set backs or being stuck in a particular situation. For instance, dreaming of a safe environment from your past, a parental home or a grandparents home suggests a regression to a time and place when you felt safe and cared for. And of course, there’s another killer. In general terms different rooms could mean: Attic: This could represent old memories, past experiences or family attitudes handed down. The ceiling focuses on your thoughts and emotions that are free or restricted. The first and less reoccuring. A home is a personal place, an environment offering affection and security. If the windows are broken can be a reflection on ideas, views that need to be fixed or put back together. Inside encompass a blueprint or map of your emotional and phyical nature, the house is a place that safeguards the soul. Unfinished House: Aspects of your mind that are left unattended. Inside this old structure contains forgotten memories, old habits, ideas, beliefs, or attitudes. You should carefully choose a doctor - there is a risk of running into a charlatan. A place to clean and become refreshed. Often relates to sexual encounters, relationships, and intimacy. Not rated yetSeven years ago I retired and made a major move. Expanding Houses In my dreams the houses keep expanding further and further by lakes, streams, old trailers connected together, rooms connected under the house, and many …, Crooked house I have had many dreams that are similar to the following dream...I guess they are recurring theme dreams. Feelings of claustrophobia might relate to aspects of your life that currently stuck, or restricted in your life. This area brings your attention to your personal space, and you emotional and mental well being. Jung Education Center of Cleveland, a center that remains dedicated to the evolution of consciousness and the pursuit of meaning in life through psychological insight and creative expression. Every individual room contains a construct of different emotional functions, past memories, phyical body and unexplored parts of your unconscious. Library: This could represent your inner workings, or mind and how you store the information you receive.


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