dimensions of subbuteo pitch
The legends says that the first rudimental soccer table, was introduced by some English sailors, who could not practicr football on board due to the limited spaces. The Italian federation is directed by a committee which is elected every two years and there are regional responsables that survey on the local parties and activities. Keelings was personally in charge of the manufacturing of the goals in metal, that had a special anti-rust treatment in the luxury edition, whilst they were normal in the economical edition. [/column] [column lg=”6″ md=”6″ sm=”12″ xs=”12″ ] 2 | The MDF board for the Extremepitch measures 150 x 100 cm and is 22 mm thick. Post by Mr Flick » Sun Jun 05, 2011 9:09 pm . They love it but to be honest, on carpet, it is a bit pap. The Jamaica team pictured above is hand painted, with the shirt detail printed afterwards. A few days ago I was on Ebay and saw some Subbuteo stuff from the USA and it turned out to be from right here in Austin. Joined: 31 May 2005 Posts: 15,095 Location: Nottingham. The Italian Federation of Table Soccer (Federazione Italiana Sport Calcio da Tavolo) was founded in 1994 on the ruins of Aicims (Italian association miniature football subbuteo) that led to the creation of the federation. The result of the first range of products was extraordinary, and he decided to patent his table soccer with the name “ Hobby” that is the English name of the famous bird, but he had to change the name of the game in “subbuteo” which is part of the latin name, as the first one was not accepted. Show only OP | 13 Nov 2015 at 22:16 #1. It is one of the baize pitches from the … The place to for general Subbuteo threads. For a good standard permanent pitch mount a pice of hardboard rough side up 1m by 1.5m onto a piece of MDF of the same size, (this is ample to cover the pitch for length and width). In the peak of its business, only in Great Britain were sold 5 million teams. I had to get it delivered as a sheet 2.44m x 1.22m wide and cut it to size. Which brings us to the dimensions: I don't know about the 2012 pitch but the old pitch is about 900-920mm wide. To start practising the game it is necessary to buy a box of subbuteo or zeugo from any shop that sells it, containing a pitch, 2 goals, 2 balls, 20 players 2 goalkeepers and the instructions of play. The Zombie also saw the introduction of the 'plug' style fixing into the base for the first time, rather than the bar fixing on the original three dimensional figures. Gutted mine had Beardsley on it like thinking about it, but I wanted the Prem trophy so needs must at the time. After much speculation and anticipation, Hasbro released a new figure and two base designs in early 2005. The 'Zombie' was born (named so after it's likeness of a Zombie from a long forgotten 'B' movie or Michael Jackson video) and I remember well the fights at the toy shop as the last of the classic Heavyweights were snapped up, leaving the shelves of Zombies to gather dust. Machine printing doesn't seem to be in full flow to around 1981 so probably explains why the first of the lightweights were hand painted along with the left over stocks of unwanted Zombies for a year or two. Although not an expert and dates are approximate, the images below should guide you in the right direction as to if you are in possession of a heavyweight, lightweight, zombie, walker or scarecrow! Football, in the version of tabel soccer, was born in England round the of the XVIII century, and had right from the start an overcoming number of estimators. In 1949 plastic is introduced for the manufacturing of the miniature players and goals both made by U.K. Plastics of London. Just bought a brand new Premier League Subbuteo set, model 60247 from 1995 for £10 from a cash generator, get in! The 2003 teams also brought a new flatter 'professional' two tone base, much the same as the Hasbro one piece in profile, but with a beveled edge for easier chipping which has gained many fans amongst the players. Skip to content . If I want to just get the board out for a game, then the 5 x 4 is fine. With the Zombie conceded as a near fatal mistake for the game, 1980 saw a hastily redesigned new figure suitable for machine painting, the Lightweight. Very occasionally and in limited reference numbers, another type of heavyweight can be found. The last realisation at the time, was making a staff for moving the goalkeeper. A stronger celluloid version followed which was still available in the shops until the early 1970's and covered the references 1-55 The Heavyweight The three dimensional heavyweight oo scale figure was introduced in late 1961 on two tone coloured bases. Available teams were numbers 1-54 in the catalogue plus some special World Cup teams for the 1966 finals. Interestingly, this innovative new figure along with the ever expanding accessory range was probably one of the main reasons that in 1963 Subbuteo's main rival, Newfooty, ceased production as the company was still plodding away producing the now dated flat figures that had remained largely unchanged since 1929. Capodecina. This highly detailed player was available until around 1980 increasing the range of teams to some 330 in total. Has it got the scum and Blackburn on the box?? The Manchester United 2nd (reference 325) on the left is a nice example of a hand painted lightweight and these teams have become quite desirable in recent years. The pitch is made of a material that permits to the players to run in a realistic way. The Zombie also saw the introduction of the 'plug' style fixing into the base for the first time, rather than the bar fixing on the original three dimensional figures. Flat Figures The first Subbuteo figure was the flat two dimensional cardboard figure first seen around 1947. The 'Zombie' was born (named so after it's likeness of a Zombie from a long forgotten 'B' movie or Michael Jackson video) and I remember well the fights at the toy shop as the last of the classic Heavyweights were snapped up, leaving the shelves of Zombies to gather dust. The lines will no doubt make the pitch popular with collectors … You can see the bars’ dimensions in the picture above. The goals, that are normally made in plastic, are very simil to the goals used in football having also a net as in football but they are obviously smaller with the dimensions of 7cm x 13,5 x 5cm. Quick links. For the more mature collector like myself, who just wants to own complete teams, this does prove a little tricky and have only just escaped being arrested on two occasions while hanging around school playgrounds attempting to swap one of my fifteen Ze Maria's for that elusive Michael Owen. In this period the shooting area was created, as it is nowadays. by Wacca » 31 Aug 2020, 13:51, Powered by phpBB® Forum Software © phpBB Limited. The photo real players are no longer sold in single teams and are now sold in sealed packets containing a random selection of players from different clubs, which means there is the extra enjoyment of 'swapping your doubles' during lunch break to make up complete squads so that you can eventually play a game. Although mainly found in generic red and blue kits only, or references 1 & 2, a moulded version of England reference 154 is often seen in larger World Cup and International Edition sets. I have two pieces of 18mm MDF, one 5 ft x 4ft (1.52m x 1.22m) the other 5ft by 3ft (1.52m x 0.91m). I know two people who collect Zombies. SubbuteoWorld, which hosts the UK Subbuteo Fair, has launched the first ever Subbuteo pitch with horizontal stripes to mirror the patterned grass seen at many Premier League, Football League and European grounds.


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