devi god

All rights reserved. As significant and suggestive is her iconography- the large breasts filled with milk, uncovered genital organs, beautifully dressed hair and a good number of bangles on her wrists. Of all texts, the Markandeya Purana is most elaborate in its Devi concept and related rites and is considered as yet the most authentic document on the cult of Devi. In Vedic mysticism the cosmos and all things pre-exist but are unmanifest. …10 arms and accompanied by Devi and a horde of other beings. Mahadevi is the synonymous with Parvati, the wife of Mahadeva (Shiva). Along with Nirguna form Mahadevi is also mentioned as Sarguna (attributes) and Vagdevi (speech). She is the eternal upholder of Dharma and truth, the promoter of happiness and the giver of salvation and prosperity but also of sorrows, grief and pain. The first man, it seems, while contemplating the idea of the unseen Divine, looked at the face of the woman who bore him, the protective, caring and loving mother, and discovered in her the ultimate 'divinity' and the manifest form of the unseen Divine. She is multi-armed but has a single head, that is, whatever the number of operative organs, the guiding faculty that breeds determination, is just one and single. After having narrated the significance of the Divine Mother and Her unique power, sage Markandeya asks them to prepare an earthen image of the Divine Mother and worship it. Mahadevi is the synonymous with Parvati, the wife of Mahadeva (Shiva). The terracotta figurines of the Mother Goddess, recovered in excavations at various Indus sites (now mostly in Pakistan), are not only the ever known earliest manifestations of the Divine Power in any medium but are also suggestive of a well evolved Mother Goddess worship cult. Himvana gave her a lion to ride. The epic enunciates that all things, material and abstract, manifest and unmanifest, are only the manifestations of the Divine Female. Quite interestingly, it depicts the five thousand year long continuity of the cult of worshipping Shiva, as the Mahayogi, representing the Divine Male and Mahimata, the Mother Earth or Mother Goddess, representing the Divine Female. He even invaded heaven, the seat of Indra and other gods and drove them out of the holy place. Devi, the Divine Female, revered by all, as is revered a mother, is better and universally known as the Mother Goddess. It was only after She was accommodated into the Brahmanical pantheon, that the Mother Goddess was an object of worship in the world of elite also.

Thus, in her material manifestation, She represents, with absolute motherhood, also the absolute womanhood. Mahadevi is the supreme force that creates, preserves, and destroys the universe. Reverence for 'mother' is inherent in any one born, a beast or a man, and is the first pious impulse in a child, which shapes the flesh to a human face. After Brahma made the disclosure of his boon, gods decided to seek a female warrior for eliminating the buffalo demon. She removes obstacles and worries and renders Her devotees' path detriment free. Suddenly there emerged a celestial voice that announced- all that is, it is me. After the Puranas vested in Her operative attributes, they conceived Her not only in various roles but also with innumerable personality aspects and in different manifestations. Here Shiva is Shava, the inanimate Being and Shakti, the energy incarnate, His enlivening and operative power.

…figure of the Goddess (Devi) as the primary deity. When they found none capable to accomplish their object, they decided to create such one out of themselves and by their own powers. In metaphysical theorization, which Vedic literature enunciates, 'all things exist but become manifest in Her, that is, in the Proto Female'. Devi is the Great Goddess of Hinduism, revered in a variety of forms. It is, at the most, a departure from the iconic manifestation of the passive Indus Mother Goddess to the operative personified representation of the Divine Mother who abounds with myths of Her origin and exploits, but She is yet the same Mother Earth or the Divine Mother.


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