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The October 2020 issue of Guitar Magazine is out now!

Raised in the industrial city of Akron, Ohio, Auerbach grew up listening to his uncles play bluegrass music and his dad’s old blues records. Knopfler was just as taken as Auerbach by the experience, explaining, “Dan Auerbach is his own man.

Our series on underrated and classic guitar albums continues with the The Black Keys man’s superb debut solo that is both of those things and more besides. © Copyright   MATT'S GUITAR SHOP. “All I knew was whenever Duane picked up the guitar, it blew my mind,” relates Auerbach, still awed that the great guitar genius is among his circle of friends. Here’s our pick of 20 awe-inspiring moments from the career of one of the instrument’s true legends.

The September 2020 issue of Guitar Magazine is out now! During the summer, he produced seven albums and finally got acquainted with the city he loves so much and some of the world-class musicians who live in it. And none of us ever want it to stop.”. I built the studio because I knew something was going to happen. After an especially grueling five-year stretch, touring around three Black Keys studio albums, and a lengthy tour with the Arcs that ended in late August 2016, Auerbach realized he needed to unplug for a while. “They’d come over, Mackie would bring coffee, and we’d be in a little room in my house with the door closed, and we’d just write. They’re as addicted to it as I am. He’s not the only one impressed with the musician. We’d go to Cowboy’s house and listen to him play songs on his ukulele and tell us stories. I remember how my dad would always scream at the radio when they faded out the ‘Sultans of Swing’ solo at the end prematurely.

We found our thing. “I was really jaded before I met Dan, but working with him every day has brought back my old love for being in the studio, and I am truly inspired again. With a long career involving unpredictable twists, turns and collaborations Paul Simon is one of the most successful songwriters of the last 60 years. Every morning Auerbach, Ferguson and singer-songwriter Pat McLaughlin, who plays mandolin in John Prine’s band, would get together at nine o’clock sharp to write. I didn’t do anything but work seven days a week. The dream realized. By registering, you agree our privacy policy. This is the sound I was looking for, and now there really is an Easy Eye sound. It is massive all over, from its imposing jumbo body to its huge neck, and the sound is in that same ballpark, dark and fat. He basically took me under his wing when I first got to Nashville eight years ago.”. Our favourite new electric and acoustic guitar announcements, releases and rumours of the past month. Indeed, the Black Keys singer and guitarist has always developed a lo-fi approach, a roots and authentic sound using cheap instruments that could be ordered from catalogues in the sixties.

Our favourite new stompbox announcements, releases and rumours of the past month. But stopping didn’t mean that Auerbach even considered relaxing. Duane Eddy had all but given up on music before Auerbach asked him to appear on the record. The performance took place at the Hollywood Bowl back in 2015. I called the album Waiting On A Song because I’ve been waiting my whole life to be able to do this.

Top session musicians in the world are texting me just to make sure they don’t book other sessions, because they just don’t want to miss anything.”.

With years on the road as a guitar tech and musician under his belt, Neil Ivison recently made the transition from high-end replica builds to original electric guitar design.

“Sometimes I feel I created my own Field of Dreams. Bea Kristi’s star has been rising since her fragile bedroom acoustic confessionals set the internet aflame, but her debut album pulls together myriad 90s college rock touchstones to propel her into the stratosphere.

“I am working with some of the greatest musicians that ever lived. I was too consumed with my day job to ever build relationships with any of them until this summer.” says Auerbach. We sit down with guitarists Mark Bowen and Lee Kiernan to discuss the Bristol band’s meteoric rise, drugs, alcohol, mental health, the restorative powers of a good baritone, and the paths that led them to become the unlikely standard-bearers of a new kind of rock ‘n’ roll masculinity. Then I got the idea about having Mark Knopfler on it. “Even with the success I’ve had, it’s only just now that I’m finally finding myself. Dan Auerbach is an American musician, composer, singer and guitarist of Blues rock and Garage rock, plays the guitar, bass, keyboard and drums, began his musical career in 2000 and so far continues. Not because he was planning on recording a solo album; more that he just needed to stop. This N-5 is a flat top acoustic that belonged to Auerbach during the first period of his band, before he moved over to Martins for the tamer productions of the albums Brothers and El Camino. I’d never met him, but I remember hearing his records when I was a kid. “I was on the road too much and didn’t have the time to stop and really take part in what was here in Nashville. “I’m just remembering now that Fergie was with me when I bought my old Ford Truck on Craigslist from this old guy in East Nashville. Band: The Black Keys After an especially grueling five-year stretch, touring around three Black Keys studio albums, and a lengthy tour with the Arcs that ended in late August 2016, Auerbach realized he needed to unplug for a while. In 2015, Dan Auerbach launched yet another project with the excellent soul band The Arcs, and added Waiting On A Song to his solo discography in 2017.

On Waiting on a Song, Dan Auerbach’s first solo album in eight years, it’s clear he has finally made Nashville his home. Nobody that I play music with now got into music to meet girls,” laughs Auerbach. Guitarists Nick Steinhardt and Clayton Stephens on the importance of not treading on each other’s toes, keeping a varied palette of pedals to hand and why all those Ross Robinson legends are true. “It’s no secret that I love Mississippi Fred McDowell,” says Dan Auerbach about one of his personal guitar heroes – and the blues legend’s Gibson Trini Lopez that recently became a particularly personal part of his instrument collection. The drums haven’t moved in two years. It just meant that he didn’t tour. The Black Keys guitarist discusses his renewed love for plugging-in on the duo’s raucous ninth record, Let’s Rock. The amps are a reissue Marshall JTM-45 (cabinet with Jensen speakers), Fender Quad Reverb (with two Celestion Greenbacks and two Vintage 30s), and Victoria Dual Deluxe (with Eminence Red Coats).

It was great to be a part of his record. I mean nothing moves. But most importantly, he introduced Auerbach to most of the musicians he knows and now runs with in Nashville. “You know, some people are just late bloomers,” he muses. The thing is, Nashville is such a Cheesecake Factory of country music, and these guys sometimes don’t fit in because they have so much personality in their playing.”, The roster includes iconic guitarist Duane Eddy, who had sold twelve million records by the time he was twenty-four, with songs such as “Rebel Rouser” and “Peter Gunn,” all produced by Lee Hazelwood. Dan uses SIT .011 - .050 gauge strings on all of the guitars.


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