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In theory, you can also use it as an ambush, allowing creatures to enter it, where they get met with several cannons aimed at the entrance, ready to fire once something steps through (the rules of the mansion technically allow for this). The human nations fought each other until the mageocracy began to get stronger. You want the cool new weapons and the flashiest magic tricks, and there’s nothing wrong with that. We had pooled some money to get a base of operation, a small inn we were converting. so good! But they were in the middle of the wilderness and I really didn’t want to have someone just wandering when there was a civil war just to the north of their location. I converted the orphanage into a mansion. All this took several thousand gold and my Leadership feat.

The other guys spent their money on stealing and renovating a wizard tower for the wizard, gaining majority ownership of a potion store for the often low health barbarian, and forming a couple hundred strong mercenary group for the fighter and ranger. I’ve always been a bit confused by money in World of Darkness.

He paid every town dweller ample gold to be his groupies! In a recent 5e campaign we ended up ‘inheriting’ some kobolds from a dragon. The demiplane spells are definitely the kind of thing I’m talking about. !It’s her beautiful character Nyl from her Awaken seriesGO READ IT!! I had been holding out with the intent to eventually find a party member or just pay an NPC druid to Awaken him. Forget the bank then.

They knew how to fix him but could not act directly. The magnificent mansion is useful as a mobile / dungeon-accessible emergency escape area or resting/healing zone, or a fully-stocked lab or crafting area that lets you avoid the ‘crafting on the go’ rules since you can have them fully equipped to your desires. That’s Chekhov’s kobold army right there! Didn’t get any recognition, but we did clean out their finances before revealing their secrets. Each was a university dedicated to a school of magic and empowered their spells on the ley lines.,,

—  This is technically untrue, as Universal spells do exist. He’ll make his own tower! It’s about time I got the opportunity to mention her in one of these comments! Looking forward to the next update and the continuation of the story :D But yeah tl;dr Nyl for badass former royalty please, (Comic: “Awaken” by Koti Saavedra @flipfloppery ), Secret Santa Time!!!!!

Also he like the idea of using that as background for other characters . He would then convince as many as possible to also become druids. From levels 1-16, he amassed around 20 k gold. Decent wages, a more reasonable work schedule, and a minimum age to work. This wasn’t the Zeitgeist adventure path was it? Other purchases on him include way too many spells for his spellbook, an adorable Jerboa mount (currently rather unused, but it’s still adorable), and a Field Scrivener Desk. I’m not entirely sure what Tyr was planning to do.

I hope you called it FluffySquirrel’s School for Gifted Youngsters and invited only sorcerer kids to attend.

Soon enough we where practically in charge of the kobolds of an entire mountain region, and the blue ancient dragon we killed had been nice enough to also leave us a city and pre-existing income source.

A friend of mine once played a paladin who through his adventures had received an over abundance of coin, but nothing to spend it on. And to ask him for autographs and for impromptu speeches. First we cleaned out the Brotherhood’s Redmond chapter house and set up a bunch of charges to demolish the front wall of the building, granting easy access to any who might care to investigate.

Ah man… I wish Moist von Lipwig got the chance to give prison reform a try before Sir. Of course, if you aren’t immortal or have a Mantle of Immortality, it’s a good idea to also set up the time rules to demand food/drink or that creatures age normally within it – so that they don’t get hit by aging or not eating/drinking for months all at once once they exit.

Using his easily earned fortune he build the orphanage just in time for the mysterious death of several young parents in the village. It is smart and can talk, but has no hands or anything else.


There are combats to fight, and money is a means to efficiently solve the combat equation. Was it a spell? We’re talking about the power to change the world. We passed a KSAF news van going the other way as we left, about 5 minutes prior to detonation (at 3 am). Or do you suggest that they just go poop on wizards as they demand to be feebleminded? The ones who didn’t got magical talents serving as teaching material so their more gifted companions could hone their abilities., Other non-combat favorites include a dojo (as ninja), a dire bat mount (died along with it’s owner in a tornado), marriage rings (PC dorf and his non-adventuring wife). Renovation creates a dungeon. A partial stake in a small business?

I spent a ton of gold to make that the most extravagant orphanage there ever was. Then you start looking at spells like anthropomorphic animal and permanency… Then you start raising their mental stats… Before you know it, you’re playing a Lunar Exalted. Her conversations with the party cleric had been played out often, and though it ended up costing her a quarter of her adventuring shares, most of her extra gold gained from assassinations, and one gratas job on a noble who thought he would try to muscle in on “her children”, it was fun to roleplay the barely tacked down Shadowdancer. Anything that is sent to this isolated demiplane (via plane shift or a treacherous teleport) ends up slowly dying off from infinite negative energy damage, with no access to magic to whisk themselves out again.

I track the tag flipfloppery. He would eventually become the stuff of legends… even if no one could remember why. Or accidentally a core/featured/exotic race, like Dave Lister did in Red Dwarf. Like, the Novan Empire basically left a wake of destruction behind them, walled off their lands, and declared the rest a wasteland due to their attempts (and failure) to exterminate the aberrations wandering around.

I feel like “create ent” should be a spell. Awaken invents a new NPC. Yes and no? Despite this, I later find the NPC sheet now had his intelligence raised to 4, the DM claiming that this is what we had agreed on.

i didn’t include faen because spoilers, but since camille is pretty darn close to getting her flux revealed, i said “why the heck not?”i’m really interested in nyl and how the symbolism of her purple flux correlates with her backstory. The GM was at least kind enough to say that popping over to the coast, sailing along it to the nearest port to our destination, and then going from there to the destination was often faster than going overland.

That’s bragging rights right there! Personally, I think they picked a horrendous spot (derelict neighborhood, bad mojo, always in the shade…).

I like the image of an increasingly-fat but extraordinarily healthy barbarian performing taste tests at his own potion store.

They codified the magical spells still used today and began to use their battle process to win war after war. Alas, I never had the opportunity to put it into action. You’ll need a head shop. I even managed to find a ring of animal friendship and used it primarily to talk to him. The long term goal would have been to create a self-perpetuating defense force for “his” forest. Have you ever gone all-in on an expensive non-combat purchase?


You’re world-building just as surely as any GM, and in my book that’s money well-spent.


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