chris cooke artist

This chain of real events and compositional elements takes you quickly through all three worlds.

He almost has a look of hope that he will get to go back home to his loved ones. Corn is one of those foods that always tastes better when it’s fresh and in-season, and this picture represents this for me. I did a small sketch and came up with the main compositional element designed to draw the viewers eye in certain directions and in certain ways to get them through the main idea of the three worlds that I had in my mind once he asked the question. I can say that Aretha will be dearly missed, but her impact will never be forgotten due to her music living on forever. This painting is something different for Chris since it is watercolor versus his normal acrylic paintings. All subject matter tends to be subjective and figurative or non-figurative and inspired by the personal experience of the artist. If you are looking for landscape paintings of Georgia scenes, Tennessee landscapes go directly to this page. So I challenge everyone to get off their devices for at least 30 minutes to an hour a day so you can actually connect with the ones you are with. I mixed the use of famous and more obscure vintage and renaissance paintings with elements/characters/figures that I just made up in my imagination (like Judas – just added it from imagination of a man on his knees and what that may look like). “My hour has not yet come.” Her response was not a direct reply to what He said to her – but – His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”. A new season is coming which means that there is time to improve upon what is already there.

I also feel like that this use of medium makes it almost look historical and not a freshly created work of art due to the brown wash/tint on it. From her mother passing away from a heart attack before Aretha turned 10, having children at the ages of 12 and 14, and being in a violent marriage, she truly went through a lot. As many of you know, my family has recently relocated to a small town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I also feel like the juxtaposition of the gray and blue in the background is representative of a storm passing, and the blue clear sky is coming into focus. Producing work primarily in these medias: Acrylic Paintings, Oil Paintings, Watercolor Paintings, I realize the importance of technology and the aid it brings in completing everyday activities, but there comes a time when these devices inhibit our interactions with our peers. His mother, Mary must have known the family as she seemed to be involved with the organization, not just an invited guest. The storefront had been empty for several years – but this Christmas season, Carter Atchison and Tori Pirtle headed the project from picking art to hang, all the social media, marketing, adding all art to Etsy for sale planning a Soirée to invite everyone for a preview. In addition, Aretha was admired by so many due to the fact that she never sang a song the same exact way twice. Here are some of my newest creations, if you are interested in any paintings feel free to contact Artifact’s Gallery 505-327-2907 or myself I tried to capture her thoughts after he performed the miracle of “He is the Son of God and now everyone will know” This starts everything in motion. My process begins with a delicate muted underpainting, followed by careful paint mixing and thin paint application, followed by some wiping, scraping, squinting, switching to a palette knife, .some dabs and blobs, more wiping, switching of music from Mozart to Abba, ruining of pricey brush, splilling of mineral spirits, lovely but accidental mark making, one last addition of paint, scraping off last addition of paint, stopping at an interesting place. The world lost a wonderful woman when Aretha Franklin passed away last week. It also shows the emotions that run through their heads due to the expressions on their faces. There are lots of farmers who make their living and support their families based on their crops. The original core idea of this painting came to me looking at a book on the artist George Tooker. I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Why not try putting the phone down so that you can actually talk with the people you are with? The deer skull mimics that of “Ram’s Head”; in addition, the colors and swirling patterns in the background are also similar between the two paintings.

If you are interested in Christian and Spiritual paintings with a southern flair, go directly to this page. In Hell, I worked in a mix of things that came to my mind along with references in the Bible about Hell. Enjoy the art work and refreshments such as wine, beer, and assorted snacks.


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