character of bob in stone mattress
Thanks very much for watching/listening. Through these chapters, we start to see the larger picture of Hagar’s life and the tough decisions she has had to make throughout it: leaving behind her father and his controlling nature, leaving Bram, and becoming financially independent. Refusing to be seen with Bob too much, she recognizes the ties that may form between them, possibly making her a suspect when he goes missing. everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Stone Mattress. And in the cemetery, when she finds the toppled-over angel, we see a sure symbol of Hagar herself, who has fallen from her imagined lofty position as the daughter of the wealthy Jason Currie to a housekeeper alienated from her own family. Most impressive of all, she had lead four men to their deaths, taking their money and power, and murdered one, yet she has gone completely undetected so far and is able to repeat her crimes again and again. She could have chosen to move on with her life after being taken advantage of as a weak fourteen year old girl, but she chose to dedicate her entire existence to attaining power, and achieving her “modest goal” of being protected by the indefinite money and power she captured by feeding on the weak. Bob says. She kept his house very neat, although no one ever visited him, and he entertained her with stories of his days in the shipping industry. Upon realization of who she was, it was the same joker-like smirk that brought her back to the night of the vicious rape, when he laughed, danced, and smiled while she lay crumpled in the snow. It is like an automatic response that Hagar has a hard time curtailing, demonstrated in the scene when she imagines she is still in Marvin’s house and blames the coldness she feels on Doris’s penny-pinching mentality. Feeling out of practice and bored, she wonders if she still has her killer skills. As she walks towards the beginning of a huge stairway, she is suddenly hit by exhaustion, realizing she has not brought any water. hi - i'm not doing the ilc but if you tell the question maybe i can help you out. When John is in high school, he starts making actual friends and girlfriends, but he always keeps his social life distant from Hagar. Girls who had sex and got pregnant were seen as whores by the outside world regardless of what happened. Yet, she continues to lash out at people, in her thoughts or in speech, even making herself nauseous with her own cruelty. She soon casts her appraising eye over her fellow travelers beginning to evaluate the men in search of her next victim. Today, it is seen as a brutal and humiliating rape with no justice served for helpless Verna; in the 1950s, it was just a young girl being too promiscuous, and a young boy being a typical boy. The Question and Answer section for The Stone Angel is a great Against the wishes of Bram’s daughters, Hagar is inspired to have Bram buried at the Currie family plot and adds the Shipley name to the headstone. Read the Study Guide for The Stone Angel…, The Stone Angel: Hagar Shipley as a Survivor, View the lesson plan for The Stone Angel…, View Wikipedia Entries for The Stone Angel…. She was brought back to that night anew, and took justice into her own bloody hands, laughing, upon her cold revenge. But Verna’s complexity of character prevents her from being seen as any ordinary villain. In the same way, this is why she is motivated to leave Manawaka and the stable yet unhappy life she has with Bram. Stone Mattress is a short fiction collection by the Canadian author Margaret Atwood, published in 2014. The New Yorker, “” Last modified 2011. She composes herself and begins planning the perfect murder. In the present, Hagar wakes up the next morning and takes her check. She did not start off as a psychopath, but became crazy in order to cope with what happened to her. 'A sort of blank.' Now, 90 years old and wandering to and from the bus station, Hagar knows that she is helpless. There, she is upset to see the stone angel statue toppled over. She is no longer a scrawny, innocent little girl; she is a confident, experienced woman. The lesson imparted through this is that, although one can move around and try to fix problems externally, deeper problems of heart remain. Next Section Chapters 7-8 Summary and Analysis Previous Section Chapters 3-4 Summary and Analysis Buy Study Guide After his murder, she gets rid of all evidence and will go on throughout the entire trip acting as if Bob was still there to avoid suspension until the final day. She may not be typical villain, but she certainly has a villain’s story of, at one point, being cast aside as disposable, giving valid reason and motivation but not justification to the lives taken by the black widow. Feeling out of practice and bored, she wonders if she still has her killer skills. Atwood presents the internal struggle contradicting the calculated moves of a killer. Suduiko, Aaron ed. This softer side of Hagar also shows itself in the way she visits her father’s grave to see if it is still in good condition. Stone Mattress is filled with characters who have … After John has been back living with Bram for 2 years, he sends Hagar a letter informing her that Bram is unwell and may not live much longer. Her story and character development make her compelling, and her impulsive temptations make her unpredictable to the reader even when she is consistent in her actions.


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