cabbage patch kids names
Still in her box and never taken out. I only had one CBD, she was called Ivy Arlene. Rex Clarence Uri James Milton Reece, Eartha Bella Additional names for Cabbage Patch Kid dolls include Deana Kylie, Debbie Sarah, Destiny Naomi, Dillon Lane, Eden Quinn, Emerson Penelope, Ethan Jacob, Florence Tracy, Frankie Vaughn, Godfrey Marcus and Grayson Cooper. I only had one CPK, but I thought her nane was just beautiful! She is a mum to three little girls (5, 2, 1) who she styles on a daily basis. Long before Gwyneth Paltrow started picking goofy names for her progeny, Xavier Roberts and the gang were turning celebrity names around to come up with truly awful monikers for 80s kids like me to put in some drawer and rename their ‘Kids (Hudson Rock? Ethan Royce Scarlet Emma Her first ever was named Belle, and since then has added Isaac, Dorothy, Charleston, Mary, Charles, Alice, and my favorites, a group of siblings named Anna Sophia, Emily Emma, Zach Sillaman, Jack Isaiah, and Lullaby Flower. Delaney Saige Kelsie Erica My first CPK, a gift from my grandparents, was named Dawn Ernestine. I was quite jealous of my brother, who had Miles Reuben. When I was a child, I had seven children…or so I believed. Conway Archibald Jacoba Tara Derek Edric I have always been very superstitious about renaming things. Eugene Maxwell Genesis Ava Find Your Unique Match... BabyLand General Hospital in Cleveland Georgia is the birthplace of the Little People and Cabbage Patch Kids. I allowed my sister to rename her and it is Piper Zoie. Bryden Robert Zachary Walker Eldridge Norm I don’t remember the middle names but I had one (still do actually) called Alistair, and my sister’s was named Alroy. I called her Ellie Mae. Rebecca Hazel Rubin To my Nana she was gorgeous, to me she looked like the wife of chucky. Mine was called Regina but can’t remember her mn , I recall I thought it was awful though. Cristabel Ailsa So actually took the steps of sending away for a new birth certificate, with the name that I had chosen: Bailey Marie (Bailey after Blair’s newborn baby sister on the Facts of Life. I had a set of identical Twin boys: Theodore and William (such classics!) Rose Jovany Lincoln I can’t remember the middles either, but mine were Agatha and Gerta (or Agga-uh and Gouda since I couldn’t pronounce them as a toddler). Angie Scarlet Brandy Juanita Meggi Ruby Emily Suzanne Brynn Clara She is one of the newborn ones- I guess they do not make the preemies anymore? Zoe Kalaumbi Cleveland Billy Lizabeth Audrey I have one of the original, hand made dolls from Xavier and my Aunt has 2… I’m not even sure these have birth certificates since they live in a box. Vincent Moses Isabelle Chip Laura Alex and Kasmira Oreola! Floyd Herb Nearly every kid had one, unless your parents opted to buy the cheaper version. Though not all vintage Cabbage Patch Dolls are worth very much, there are a few rare exceptions to keep an eye out for the next time you're cleaning out your attic. I had a few cabbage patch dolls when I was younger, but I think they were from garage sales or hand me downs, so I don’t know their names. Bently Austin I’ve been to the magical cabbage patch!! Bronz Y-Locks, baby They were probably the ones that named them things like Ashley Dawn and Matthew David. Justin Noah Elijah Austin Wanda Fayette I also very vividly remember entertaining myself at toy stores by reading the CPK birth certificates for the name and thinking how naming those dolls would be the best job in the world. Betty Vicky Brad Jonas Goldy Y-Locks Nathan Calab Vanessa Adi My favourite as a kid was Peggy Cheree. She also had a modern alter ego named Kaitlyn. My middle sister and I wanted to name it Susannah, but my youngest sister wanted to name her Miya. Ewdin Nicholas My brother’s only Cabbage Patch was a little bald boy named Mac Damon. My real CPK was Imogene Renata. The only thing I was curious about is the signature does not seem to be the traditional one from Xavier Robert (like the doll pictured above). Daulene Diana Oh, mine had one of those dummies too! Florence Kaley Orietta Bessie I still have his birth certificate. I think she was ahead of her time for spotting naming trends and a mini-Nameberry in-the-making. Not too shabby for an 8 year old in the 80’s! Remember those? This vintage Little People Doll from 1979 is hand signed by Xavier Roberts sold for over $1,500 even in used condition. Eric Mike If you want yours on the list also, simply leave a comment below. Raina Carlynn Apparently, CPK was not a thing in Europe, so the local department store chain flew a bunch of them in. Sheldon Blake kuh-LEE? Heywood Wilt It meant that we got to choose their names! I am extremely embarraced about my choice, but I named her Patrizia Velvet and called her Trixie! “That dress is Louella-beautiful!”. Irene Hilary I can’t have biological kids and am raising my niece who I sorta helped name but I still love names to death and play around with them. Paul Calvin Owen Sargeant I immediately changed her name to Ashley Joy—an unsurprising ‘90s first-name choice with an unsurprising filler middle name, perfect to an eight-year-old. She wouldn’t harm a fly. Pamela Dianne Adora Doreen Each doll came with their own unique name and birth certificate. Annabella Cleopatra! Aaryn Trudy My daughter had a girl called Nora Jean His name was Julian Jerome, somehow I missed the Julian part, so he was always Jerome to me. Dubbed "Little People," each doll had a soft … Lanette Ariana What can I say—I was not a Nameberry at the time. 3. Lavonne Oliva Leda Fannie . And my sister found a 1983 still in the box redhead for my daughter when she was born — Nelly Kali. Patty Christiana , still love the doll as much as I did when I was 5. When I mention it to my sister today, we both crack up! I thought it was an awful name, but I let her keep it anyway. We have the ... Toy Cabbage. Alfreda Natalie Specialty lines introduced in 1985: Twins, World Travelers, Western Kids to go with Show Ponies. Paola Paul I was appalled at this choice by the Cabbage Patch gods.


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