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Estimating relative chromophore concentrations from multiwavelength photoacoustic images using independent component analysis Journal Article.
I'd describe myself as An Academic. To validate models of ultrasound propagation at clinical drive levels and to fully characterise clinical focused ultrasound fields, measurement devices which can withstand the high temperatures and pressures generated at the focus of these fields are required. 811-829, 2014. Opt. International Symposium on Nonlinear Acoustics (AIP Conference Proceedings). or In: J. Acoust. In: Appl. profile page to: UCL Principal Supervisor,UCL Subsidiary Supervisor, Please report any queries concerning the data shown on this page Dr Ben Cox Reader in Biomedical Acoustics Dept of Med Phys & Biomedical Eng Faculty of Engineering Science Joined UCL 6th Feb 2003 The models developed in BUG are now widely used around the world for modelling therapeutic ultrasound. 056016, 2012. How can sound be generated from light? In: SIAM J. Imag. High Pressure Measurements IEEE Trans. Freq.
36-44, 2019. This is called the photoacoustic effect.

1219-1233, 2010. 1286-1308, 2017. 3616–3627, 2005. Soc. Freq. To send an email to Ben Cox please complete the short form below.

In: Phys. N. Huynh, F. Lucka, E. Z. Zhang, M. M. Betcke, S. R. Arridge, P. C. Beard, B. T. Cox, Single-pixel camera photoacoustic tomography Journal Article. Comput. Comput. Opt., 20 (12), pp. Phys., 24 (3), pp. In most cases, there are no analytical solutions available, so models must be experimentally validated. Comp. In: J. Acoust. Browse Hierarchy MPHY0018: MPHY0018: Ultrasound in Medicine. Cox BT, Treeby BE (2010) Effect of sensor directionality on photoacoustic imaging: a study using the k-wave toolbox, Proc.

1595-1604, 2017. The influence of strain-optic coefficients on the transduction mechanism of planar glass etalon Fabry-Perot ultrasound sensors Conference, Accurate time-varying sources in k-space pseudospectral time domain acoustic simulations Conference. Soc. London - WC1E 6BT,, UCL Computational Life and Medical Sciences Network,, Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, Photoacoustic imaging, particularly inverse problems including quantitative photoacoustic imaging (and therefore light transport in tissue), Wave modelling using spectral and k-space methods (, Other areas of acoustics, including architectural acoustics. Send an email to Ben Cox. Opt., 19 (12), pp. Nonstandard Fourier Pseudospectral Time Domain (PSTD) Schemes for Partial Differential Equations Journal Article. 3.18a, Medical Physics and Bioengineering. 2287-2298, 2013.

In: J. Acoust. Ultrason. For a year while writing up my PhD (on geoacoustic inversion in shallow water) I sang with the choir at Lichfield Cathedral. Control, 67 (3), pp. Sci., 11 (4), pp. Med. For example, in the last few years, clinical trials have demonstrated the ability of ultrasound to destroy cells through rapid heating for the treatment of cancer and neurological disorders, target the delivery of anticancer drugs, stimulate or modulate the excitability of neurons, and temporarily open the blood-brain barrier to allow drugs to be delivered more effectively.

Ultrasound Imaging Estimating blood oxygenation from photoacoustic images: can a simple linear spectroscopic inversion ever work? to, University College London - Gower Street - To establish agreement between measured and simulated fields for validation, the accuracy of the measurements must also be determined. I am currently Director of the undergraduate programme in medical physics, Professor of Biomedical Acoustics, and a member of the Photoacoustic Imaging and Biomedical Ultrasound research groups. In: Inv.

Ferroelectr. IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, 2018. Ben Cox. 061220, 2012.

3145-3154, 2011. In: IEEE Trans. A map showing these pressure increases is called a photoacoustic image, and it can be a map of the whole 3D tissue volume (see Figure 4). In: J. Acoust. B. E. Treeby, B. T. Cox, E. Z. Zhang, S. K. Patch, P. C. Beard, Measurement of broadband temperature-dependent ultrasonic attenuation and dispersion using photoacoustics Journal Article. One of the main research goals of the UCL Biomedical Ultrasound Group is the development of computer models that can accurately and efficiently predict how ultrasound waves travel through the human body.

Ben T. Cox's 45 research works with 356 citations and 2,599 reads, including: 100 MHz bandwidth planar laser-generated ultrasound source for hydrophone calibration Opt., 17 (5), pp. 1666–1676, 2009. For a year while writing up my PhD (on geoacoustic inversion in shallow water) I sang with the choir at Lichfield Cathedral.

Proc. 021314, 2010. Soc. Fast, tissue-realistic models of photoacoustic wave propagation for homogeneous attenuating media Conference. Back to MPHBE_ENG: Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering M. M. Betcke, B. T. Cox, N. Huynh, E. Z. Zhang, P. C. Beard, S. R. Arridge, Acoustic Wave Field Reconstruction From Compressed Measurements With Application in Photoacoustic Tomography Journal Article. In: J. Biomed. J. 126004, 2016. Am., 131 (6), pp. Design of multi-frequency acoustic kinoforms Journal Article. In: Applied Optics, 50 (19), pp. The Frequency-Dependent Directivity of a Planar Fabry-Perot Polymer Film Ultrasound Sensor Journal Article. UCL Principal Supervisor,UCL Subsidiary Supervisor Biography I was an undergraduate and a postgraduate at the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (ISVR), University of Southampton, during which time I played in the university orchestra, sang in the chamber choir and Light Opera Society, and studied acoustics. UCL. Am., 136 (4), pp. In: Phys. 2497-2508, 2016. T. Tarvainen, B. T. Cox, J. Kaipio, S. R. Arridge, Reconstructing absorption and scattering distributions in quantitative photoacoustic tomography Journal Article, J. Laufer, P. Johnson, E. Z. Zhang, B. E. Treeby, B. T. Cox, R. B. Pedley, P. C. Beard, In vivo preclinical photoacoustic imaging of tumour vasculature development and therapy Journal Article. Artifact trapping during time reversal photoacoustic imaging for acoustically heterogeneous media Journal Article.

Control. 244101, 2017.

Since 2003 I have been working on photoacoustic imaging and biomedical ultrasound in the Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering at University College London.

In this way, photoacoustic tomography can image much smaller blood vessels than can be measured using Doppler ultrasound. The advantages of ultrasound imaging are that it can be performed in real-time, it is inexpensive compared to some other imaging modalities, the images have high resolution, and information about blood flow can be obtained using Doppler techniques. Am., 132 (3), pp.

L. An, T. Saratoon, M. Fonseca, R. Ellwood, B. T. Cox, Statistical independence in nonlinear model-based inversion for quantitative photoacoustic tomography Journal Article. In: IEEE Trans. Opt., 15 (2), pp. IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, 2019.

Your can find your Research Finance Administrator at. In: J. Biomed. In: IEEE Trans. Am., 129 (6), pp.

Institutional Research Information Service, Please report any queries concerning the funding data grouped in the

of SPIE, Vol. F. Lucka, N. Huynh, M. M. Betcke, E. Z. Zhang, P. C. Beard, B. T. Cox, S. R. Arridge, Enhancing Compressed Sensing 4D Photoacoustic Tomography by Simultaneous Motion Estimation Journal Article. In: J. Acoust. Opt. Source Normalized Impact per Paper (SNIP). However, the underlying physics is complex and the scale of the modelling problem requires extremely large amounts of computer memory. Ferroelectr. A. Pulkkinen, B. T. Cox, S. R. Arridge, H. Goh, J. Kaipio, T. Tarvainen, Direct Estimation of Optical Parameters From Photoacoustic Time Series in Quantitative Photoacoustic Tomography Journal Article. Proc. In: J. Biomed. M. Perez Liva, J. L. Herraiz, J. M Udias, B. T. Cox, B. E. Treeby, Full-wave attenuation reconstruction in the time domain for ultrasound computed tomography Conference. Acoustic waves are scattered when they encounter a change in the density or stiffness of the propagation medium (see Figure 1). Quantitative Photoacoustic Image Reconstruction using Fluence Dependent Chromophores Journal Article. Am., 144 (2), pp. The source pressure (time varying or steady-state) is obtained using acoustic holography from a planar measurement of the ultrasound field, under linear conditions in water.


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