being human festival

The core festival objectives are: Being Human festival 2020 is going forward as planned. Applications to take part in the 2020 festival through the funded pathways, open call and Being Human Cafés are now closed. you could create a new world from scratch, what would it look like? Being Human Festival The UK's national festival of the humanities!

It is primarily intended as a jumping off point to help researchers share their enthusiasm for research in the humanities. Over 35 research institutions from across the UK will be participating in the festival, with activities being held in museums, galleries and cultural and community centres, and even caves. Tim divides his time being a Digital Consultant in The City and as a food and travel writer across the globe. To mark the 2016 Being Human Festival, Professor Sondra Hausner was interviewed by BBC Radio 3's Matthew Sweet for the Free Thinking programme.Professor Hausner is a participant in Hope and Fear at Crossbones Graveyard, which takes place on 23 November. We encourage applicants to refer to our toolkits and case studies before making an application. To see what was happening at our London hub I headed to Brixton library to find out about ‘The End of Social Housing’. The public shared memories of the housing co-ops, crafting them in felt to be woven onto a patchwork map of the Brixton area, with plans to expand the map to include more of the 300 housing co-ops in London. The UK has left the European Union whilst the United States is preparing for a presidential election (to be held just before our festival, in November).

The theme is there as a prompt and a guide to help draw together a very diverse national programme. This can be inferred from some of the coded language of this publication; “artistic”, “bohemian” and “unconventional”. Find more details in our latest statement here: ‘Coronavirus (COVID-19) update’. How can we bring these worlds together?

Following the theme of the festival for this year, I wanted to explore the process from ‘origin to ending’, from how organisers and researchers plan and put together an idea, through to the delivery of a successful and fun public engagement event. In the Being Human programme UCL say, ‘Being human is not just skin deep’, and the evening set out to interrogate our perceptions of what lies beneath the exterior. As we reach the milestone of 2020, often used in science fiction as a setting for imagined futures, we might be asking ‘what happened to the future we were promised?’; ‘what new futures can we, and should we, imagine?’. The festival began here at the University last month, and since then has had a huge impact throughout the community and member institutions. As recent University of London graduate, part of my remit was to explore and support University of London activities within the programme.

The answer, as always, isn’t straightforward. To begin with, I decided to visit our London hub, based at Queen Mary, University of London, before the festival kicked in, to have a nosey at their Being Human plans.

There were also two previews of Queen Mary’s programme, with ‘Living in Ice Age Hackney’ and ‘The Last of the London’, which saw Dorothy Russell, the first female professor of pathology, projected on to Senate House for the evening. All research opens up a ‘new world’ of some sort! The Being Human festival is the first and only national festival of the humanities in the UK. Should you buy or boybott Hogwarts Legacy? Study full-time or part-time with the support of a local teaching centre., Being Human festival launch with David Olusoga, We Began as Part of the Body (Exhibition).

New single out 9 October 2020 on BMG. New worlds/ new horizons – for example, opening up new possibilities for disabled people, people affected by social exclusion and stigma, opening up access to education and resources, Discoveries and developments, events and landmarks that have changed our world. Study at the School of Advanced Study - UK’s national centre for the support and promotion of research in the humanities. I met with Queen Mary’s public engagement team and a few of their organisers, to chat about being a festival hub, and of course, their upcoming Being Human events. Being Human festival: New Worlds ️12 - 22 November.

Being Human festival aims to highlight the ways in which discoveries, developments and research in the humanities equip us with the ideas, narratives, perspectives and tools to address these challenges and to imagine and create new worlds. The festival will run 12-22 November. Entering a new decade also offers an opportunity to think about the types of ‘new world’ that we want to inhabit. The festival will run 12-22 November. Later, I dropped in to University College London, who were bringing together science, medicine and the humanities for an event called, ‘Exploring Under the Skin’. Opinion: Hogwarts Legacy – to buy or not to buy. Held in Senate House, it showcased some of the upcoming festival events, and was a hive of festival organisers, special guests and performances. Who knew that our ‘New Worlds’ theme for this year’s festival would end up being so topical? The core festival objectives are: 1. to demonstrate the value of humanities research to society in the UK and globally; 2. to encourage, support and create opportunities for humanities researchers to engage with n…

From the mystery of anatomical paintings being dumped outside UCL, to the difference between early anatomical art and modern medical imaging, the event explored how attitudes to our anatomy and inner bodies have developed and changed. What’s more, every festival is a chance to re-think the world and create a new one – even just for a short time… If you could create a new world from scratch, what would it look like? Thinking about the future in relation to the coronavirus pandemic, climate change, contemporary politics, global challenges. New worlds in local or global contexts: discovery and exploration on either macro or micro levels, New worlds in fiction: sci-fi, fantasy, utopias and dystopias, What new worlds do we want? Led by @sasnews | In partnership with @thebritishacademy & @ahrcpress Founded in 2014, the festival demonstrates the breadth, diversity and vitality of the humanities, and that research in the humanities is vital for the cultural, intellectual, political and social life. 12-22 November 2020: New Worlds. Some of the earliest typewriter models used piano keys, […]


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