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Before working at eSchool Media, Meris worked as an assistant editor for The World and I, an online curriculum publication. Their commonality is that—no matter what has happened in the past—they are ready to put their problems behind them and get their education off to a new start. “At risk” is defined in statute as a student who meets any one of six categories- documented disruptive behavior, dropout, struggling academically, adjudicated, primary care giver or ward of the state. Address Remote Learning Needs Today and Care for... Free registration required to view this resource. Weekly on Monday and Thursday. In addition, it is estimated that alternative schools – which are predominantly charters – serve a higher percentage of racial minorities, English language learners, free and reduced lunch populations, and special education students than the state average.

The editors at eSchool News quickly brainstormed what we believe are education’s most popular alternative facts that exist today, but we’d love to hear your suggestions! We found that for the 2015 cohort, an average alternative school graduated 38% of its eligible students in four years. There are many alternative facts I choose to believe in my personal life; for instance, the salad I eat for dinner cancels out the cheesesteak I had for lunch; or the sale is so good I can’t afford not to buy a singing Margaritaville machine; or I’m completely up for going to a bar instead of sitting at home reading in my pajamas.

They don’t take students who have significant deficiencies. How Technology is Helping Schools Get Safely Back...

North Pointe Student Creates Lasting Memories with School Television Show, Arizona Charter School Leaders, Advocates Visit Gov.

These data suggest that a corresponding reduction in the number of alternative schools positively impacted the overall quality as measured by increased graduation rates.

It’s the 21st century. Find out the latest technology tips, tools and the innovative best practices schools are using everyday to improve learning. It is unclear whether the decline is a function of rejected or reduced applications to the state. Get the week's top education technology news and find out how schools are solving technology problems to improve learning. 12439 N. 32nd St. Phoenix, AZ 85032 602.944.0644, ©2020 Arizona Charter Schools Association. In general, though, alternative education programs are developed to serve students who are unable to benefit from “traditional” school programs; this can include those with behavioral problems, those who have dropped out, or those with chronically poor attendance.

Although 43 states and the District of Columbia have formal definitions of “alternative education,” there are significant variations across state borders. Myth #2:  Alt Ed students aren’t like the kids in my neighborhood. Meris Stansbury is the Editorial Director for both eSchool News and eCampus News, and was formerly the Managing Editor of eCampus News. 2275 Research Blvd, Suite 500 Rockville, MD 20850 | 1-301-913-0115. An alternative school may involve a range of different educational settings other than the typical school.

Rosa Parks Early Childhood Education Center Home. For the purposes of this blog, the Association examined four- and five-year graduation rates within alternative schools[1] over the past four cohorts of incoming high schoolers. Facts / Alternative Facts. The 2017 A-F accountability systems will continue evaluating traditional and alternative schools separately. Fall 2020. Is it this simple?


Already a member? Even the editors at eSN get caught up in this seeming fact sometimes. CRN: 4259. Students who want to be considered for enrollment turn in an application, attend an informational forum with their parents, and undergo an interview with the school’s principal or counselor. var divElement = document.getElementById('viz1488391847692'); var vizElement = divElement.getElementsByTagName('object')[0];'100%';*0.75)+'px'; var scriptElement = document.createElement('script'); scriptElement.src = ''; vizElement.parentNode.insertBefore(scriptElement, vizElement); The enrollment data for alternative schools looks similar to the above graph; there were close to 30,000 alternative students in FY12, but that number has since fallen to 23,170 in FY16.

How many times have we heard from tech evangelists and vendors that technology is the solve-all to today’s pressing education challenges?

Certainly, these data can’t confirm this hypothesis but it does beg the question.

Even the editors at eSN get caught up in this seeming fact sometimes. Register now. [1] Data on six- and seven-year graduation rates is currently not posted on ADE’s website.

Myth #4:  The Alternative School staff are very selective in deciding which students enter the school.

Alt Ed students must take the same classes as regular education students, must cover the same curriculum, and must pass the same EOIs in order to graduate. Rural schools, schools in areas with high poverty rates, and many other poorly-funded or inadequately–infrastructured schools still have challenges simply connecting to the internet, much less harnessing the latest and greatest digital resources. Alternative schools are subject to different performance criteria than traditional schools; their accountability labels also differentiate them as alternative schools, i.e.,  “A-ALT” or “B-ALT”. The below table represents an estimate of alternative school composition, based on available data. The Arizona Charter Schools Association is an organization tax-exempt under Code Section 501(c)(3) and qualifies for a charitable contribution deduction. Ducey and Legislators, significant variations across state borders. Alternative schools are designed to educate students who have not been successful in regular schools, often because of behavior, disciplinary and safety concerns.

With so much coverage of what schools are doing with digital resources and technology, it can feel like every school is on the cutting edge of digital implementation. © Copyright 2020 eSchoolMedia & eSchool News.

Alternative schools are defined as schools that serve specific populations of at-risk students. Some school systems provide alternative education streams within the state schools. In line with the very mission of alternative schools, it follows that compared to statewide averages, a higher percentage of at-risk students are being served by alternative schools. Since the school is always full and always has a waiting list, only those students who need the program the most and are most likely to benefit from it are accepted. Alternative schools are defined as schools that serve specific populations of at-risk students. It’s the 21st century. Address Remote Learning Needs Today and Care for... EVALYON’s DataCapture Ed™ for Teachers and Educators is Now Available, Savvas Launches New Interactive US and World History Series, Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Gives Away 1 Million Bars To Teachers Across America, Discovery Education Names SMASH CEO Eli Kennedy to Board of Directors, 100+ Strategies for Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning, In an uncertain fall, remote assessments and focus skills offer clarity. “At risk” is defined in statute as a student who meets any one of six categories- documented disruptive behavior, dropout,  struggling academically, adjudicated, primary care giver or ward of the state.

Taught By: Liesl Schillinger.

Counselors help them to overcome problems so that they can focus on their studies, because the school has an outstanding teaching staff who have dedicated their careers to helping struggling students learn to succeed, and because these students work very hard. Log in.

In the past five years, the number of alternative schools in Arizona has been declining, along with enrollment. It seems that we all have these alternative facts we tell ourselves instead of the truth, and education is no different.

The difference between four-year to seven-year graduation rates is an especially critical difference for alternative schools, who often work with former dropout students or students with dependents.


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